About Us

About Us

Vaibhav Furniture Formed in 2004 started with the best furniture manufacturer and wholesaler providing services to the malls and showrooms dealing in residential furniture with various categories like wardrobe, bedroom sets, temples, teepoys and tables. Started with manufactures now are the leading providers of furniture wholesale products in pune  recognized as the best furniture providers in pune 

Our Core Values

that Being the best furniture manufacture and wholesaler in pune derives on core values that enables them to be the best in pune 

Flexible Schedule

At Vaibhav Furniture we believe in timely deliver, So we look forward to get the products ready before given time

Affordable Package

We at Vaibhav Furniture look forward for a affordable prices that matches our clients budget, and help them purchase at a good price

Special Offer

Special Offers are available for regular customers and Wholasale customers that,
Special Offer consist of some better deals.

Our Mission

Starting in 2004 with being the manufacturers and wholesaler of furnitures our mission was always to be convenient and specific with our audience so they get the best service and products from us, Our Mission is to Be the leader in india we alreay are near t it still we look forward to supply in india and as well as overseas too further.

Our Vision

Our Vision at vaibhav furniture is to provide and supply our products and services in every residential and commercial spaces enabling them with latest trends of furniture designs and interiors.

Clients Served Since 2004

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